When to go to Nice

When should you go to Nice? Simple. Whenever you’re free. There’s no bad time. I’ve eaten outside in December and January (lunch, I mean, not dinner: that would be masochism).

And, on a couple of trips in mid-March this year, I was wandering about in shirt-sleeves. Granted, the nut-brown local ladies with their brush-head dogs were in fur coats but that wasn’t due to the cold. They just wanted to show off their coats.

Four seasons

Spring is delightful with everything from flowers to beach-front parasols opening up. In summer the city pulls on its holiday-wear to go to the beach, the Jazz Festival and partying long into the night. But Nice is a big city with lots of students, so life doesn’t slow down much in autumn or even winter. Least of all in February when Europe’s greatest carnival (and, yes, I’ve been to Venice) rolls into centre stage.