What is simonseeks

What is simonseeks.com?

Simonseeks offers comprehensive and independent travel advice on destinations around the world, in the form of travel guides written by fellow travel enthusiasts and award-winning guidebook writers and journalists. There are even some travel guides from celebrities!

Our travel guides span the globe and range from eco trips in the jungle to money no object holidaying with the rich and famous. Each guide is categorised by trip-type as well as destination – so when you come to search, you can easily find the guide you are after, whether it’s ‘Romance in Paris’ or ‘Adventure in Australia’. If you want to narrow things down even more, you can filter by budget and other popular tags too.

We have over 100 featured destinations, covering the key cities and resorts around the world, with detailed reviews of our writer’s favourite hotels and restaurants, as well as invaluable advice on attractions, shopping and nightlife. Plus, those valuable insider tips that can help save you money and make sure you have the best time.

Write for Simonseeks

Many travellers have inspiring advice and recommendations that they want to share with others. We have published over 2,500 travel guides written by both amateur and professional writers and we’re always happy to hear from anyone who wants to publish their own guide.

As long as you can write with passion, enthusiasm and first-hand knowledge, then anyone can be published on simonseeks.  However, we can’t just put any old content up on the internet, so there are a couple of rules we’d need you to stick to - Intrigued? See Get Published for more details.

Best places, best prices

Not only are we determined to make sure that you find the best information on Simonseeks, our hotel-booking system allows you to compare the best rates offered by the leading online agents. So not only can you be sure you are booking the best place to stay, you also know you are booking it at the best price.