By wilburthewotsiteater

Albania opens its doors

Albania is rapidly changing, with the death of long-time dictator Enver Hoxha paving the way for democracy in place of the pure communism that prevailed for decades.

Living like a local in Paris

You need at least a spare £300k to buy in the fabulous city of lovers - but anybody can rent and live the dream, if only for a few days. The feeling of being an authenti

Aleppo: ancient sights and Arabian nights

Aleppo vies with Damascus for the title of the oldest continually inhabited city in the world (8000+ years) and as it is only a four-hour flight from London, it makes a great alter

Music and markets in Salzburg

Surrounded by the snow-capped Alps, and divided into the old and new town by the fast-flowing River Salzach, Salzburg really is the jewel in Austria’s glittering crown.

Magical Marrakesh

Vibrant is the word for Marrakesh – a place of vibrant colours, vibrant characters and vibrant nature, it's as far removed from the English way of life as you can possibly ge