By Trevor.Claringbold

Roaming down the Rhine

Wine, castles and a murderous blonde... an insider's guide to the Rhine, Germany’s most spectacular river valley

Coimbra's a cut above

It may be way off the usual tourist trail but that's all the more reason to love Portugal’s ancient capital of Coimbra and its beautiful surrounding countryside

Luxembourg: Europe’s big little country

Luxembourg is often written off as little more than an expensive financial base - but with stunning scenery, centuries of history and a beautiful capital, that couldn’t be further from the truth

Exploring Normandy

As well as having many historic links to Britain, beautiful beaches and magnificent cities, Normandy is also one of the friendliest regions to visit in France

Rimini: much more than a beach holiday

Rimini may be well known as Italy’s major ‘sun, sea and fun’ destination, but there is another side to this popular and historic city that is too often missed by visitors

Floral heaven: the Dutch bulbfields

Miles of vibrant, multicoloured fields, millions of blooms and the world’s largest flower garden... No wonder so many travellers head to the Netherlands each spring!

Snowdonia: exploring the Welsh mountains

North Wales not only has some of the most dramatic scenery in Britain, it also boasts pretty villages, historic towns, medieval castles, and a real welcome in the Snowdonia hillsides!

Chateaux paradise in the Loire

With some of France’s most beautiful countryside, most stunning chateaux and finest wines, it's no wonder the Loire Valley is a perennial fave

Tales of the river in Russia

Russia’s northern lakes are beautiful, serene and easily reached from St Petersburg. So why do so few foreigners take this magical trip?

Driving through the French Alps

It's worth taking time to explore the back roads through the French Alps, one of the most beautiful and dramatic regions in the whole of Europe

Ravenna: capital of mosaics

Often overshadowed by Italy’s better-known cities, Ravenna is one of the most amazing cultural centres you will ever visit

Going solo in northern Uganda

Uganda isn't exactly a typical tourist destination - but if you want to see the real Africa, it has some remote and beautiful areas to explore

Windermere: loveliest of lakes

The English Lake District is full of dramatic scenery and stunning waterways, none more popular than the jewel of the southern Lakes: Windermere

Sharjah: culture capital of the UAE

With a superb position on the Arabian Gulf, Sharjah is fast becoming a fashionable destination for a relaxing break. But it also has plenty to offer the culturally-inspired traveller

Istanbul: a city on two continents

Standing on the very link between Europe and Asia, Istanbul also marries modern and ancient, and is one of the most amazing cities in the world

Malindi: life beyond the beach

Kenya's perfect white beaches, lapped by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, are glorious - but there's more to see in Malindi than sand

Cruising the Nile

A Nile cruise is high on many people’s lists of must-do holidays, and with good reason - it's the kind of trip you'll never forget

Sousse: sun, sea and souks

Take a trip to the Tunisian resort of Sousse and you'll find glorious beaches, superb seafood and an historic old city, with the ritzy new marina at Port El Kantaoui just a short ride away

An introduction to Swaziland

Nestling between South Africa and Mozambique, the small landlocked kingdom of Swaziland is often overlooked by tourists, but has a surprising amount to offer

Exploring the Black Sea coast of Turkey

Turkey’s Black Sea coast is an amazing place, with picturesque towns, ancient fortresses and glorious beaches - so it's a mystery why so few visitors head there

The beauty of the Belgian Ardennes

The pleasant little town of Namur makes the perfect base for exploring the Belgian Ardennes, a scenic region of steep river valleys, dense forests and historic sites aplenty

Beside the seaside in Belgium

The Belgian coast doesn't spring instantly to mind when you think of beach destinations - but it's well worth a visit, with endless dunes, unspoiled nature reserves and some quirky sights

Touring Jordan

With a history stretching back 10,000 years, magnificent desert panoramas and the famous Dead Sea, Jordan is a fascinating place to visit, and surprisingly easy to travel round

Cycling in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic might not be the obvious first choice when it comes to a cycling holiday, but the countryside round Prague is beautiful, friendly and full of well-marked trails

Island-hopping in the Bahamas

With around 700 islands to choose from, cruising around the Bahamas in a hired boat is the ideal way to see as much as possible, and is surprisingly reasonable

Goa: an Indian gem

Goa's famous for its beaches - and rightly so - but this former Portuguese colony on India's west coast also has a wealth of other natural and cultural highlights that might surprise you

Wonders of Warsaw

Poland is a country that has one of the most diverse and interesting characters in Europe, and the area around Warsaw, the capital, is both beautiful and surprising

Bohemian beauty in the Czech Republic

The southernmost region of the Czech Republic, Bohemia is a land of dramatic castles, medieval towns and tranquil river valleys. Best of all, it's still surprisingly free of crowds

A whistlestop tour of Prague

Prague is a city with so many remarkable places to visit, it’s hard to know which to choose. Plan your trip well, and you can fit an awful lot into a short time