By Trevor.Claringbold

Roaming down the Rhine

The Rhine Gorge. The name itself created images in my imagination of some powerful and overwhelming natural spectacle, and had me adding it to my ‘must see’ list.

Ice cream and dinosaurs on the Dorset coast

Dorset, for me, has an appeal different to anywhere else in England. Its gently rolling hills, pretty stone-built villages and, most of all, the dramatic coastline, are captivating and enticing.

Coimbra's a cut above

Mention holidays in Portugal and most people will instantly conjure up images of the clean sandy beaches of the Algarve.

Exploring Normandy

Having visited and studied Normandy’s Second World War history in some detail, including producing two award-winning documentaries for the BBC, it’s an

Floral heaven: the Dutch bulbfields

It’s billed as the ‘Greatest Flower Show on Earth’. From mid-March to the middle of May each year, vast areas of western Holland transform into a sea of colour.

Snowdonia: exploring the Welsh mountains

They may not be as high as the Alps or the Pyrenees, but for the thousands who head to north Wales each year, Snowdonia is the perfect place to visit the mountains.

Tales of the river in Russia

It always surprises me how nervous travellers are about going it alone in unfamiliar countries. Get on an organised trip with your tour company to some unknown place - fine.

Driving through the French Alps

If you’re planning to drive through one of the most stunning regions in Europe, why would you want to speed through it on a motorway?

Sharjah: culture capital of the UAE

When I first mentioned I was going to Sharjah, the main comment from my friends was, “Where’s that?” Some thought it was in India, another that it was “near

Malindi: life beyond the beach

Look at any travel poster for Kenya, and it will generally show either some exotic wildlife promoting the ever-popular safari holidays or a glorious white-sand beach with glistenin

Wonders of Warsaw

Since joining the European Union, Poland has seen a rise in popularity amongst travellers from western Europe, including those from the UK.

A whistlestop tour of Prague

In recent years Prague has built up a reputation as a bit of a party town, with hen and stag weekends invading in some numbers.