By Tony.Jefferies

Málaga: pretty as a picture

The Plaza de la Merced doesn’t look much different from when the infant Pablo Picasso used it as his playground.

A long night on the tiles in Seville

Almost midnight on a Saturday evening, and I’m beginning to wonder whether the mythical Spanish nightlife is just that – a myth. It’s just me and the barman in the small, u

Off the beaten track in Seville

We all have our favourite bars – the places we head for when we return to a particular town or city; somewhere that provokes an inner smile when we walk through the door afte

Alpujarras: literary pilgrimage

As pilgrimages go, this wasn’t in the big league. More of a sidetrack really – which was fortunate, because things weren’t going too well.

The Azores: crossroads of the Atlantic

You can’t mistake a tea plantation for anything else: all those neat rows of gleaming, bright green bushes, kept at the right height and combed every day for the ‘two l

Navarra: Spain in miniature

I’m sitting on a mountain, watching a steady stream of walkers puff past and thinking – despite the possibilities of getting soaked, the probabilities of poor sleeping

Granada beyond the Alhambra

It doesn’t matter what time of day you visit the Alhambra, there are always people gazing from the ramparts of the old fortress towards the city of Granada, which unfolds bef