By Shipscook

Glastonbury: the way out west

With a wealth of myths and legends attached to it, Glastonbury has lots to offer as an alternative weekend break - especially if you like a good pub and fancy shopping for spell books and magic wands

Paris: an Ernest Hemingway bar crawl

Hanging out in grand cafes, browsing bookshelves and knocking back mean martinis - here’s how to combine a trip to Paris with a tour round the haunts of Hemingway and other 20th-century cultural icons

All Inclusive on Mexico's Mayan Riviera

Fancy yourself as Indiana Jones exploring lost cities and lush jungle but without the leaches, bugs and hardship? Try an all inclusive holiday on Mexico's Caribbean coast

Sweden - Stockholm on a shoestring

Forget Sweden's reputation for being expensive - with a weak Swedish Krona your holiday cash goes further in Stockholm than you might imagine

There is more to Berlin than the wall

Relics of the Cold War that divided Europe, great museums, home brewed beer, heavy metal bars and the birthplace of the doner kebab - Berlin's got the lot

Broadstairs, Kent - What the Dickens?

From Britain's greatest novelist and a Victorian engineering genius to smashing seafood and an Italian ice cream heaven, the south coast resort of Broadstairs has got the lot

London: a cultural pub crawl of Soho

Follow me as I walk in the footsteps of London's cultural and political elite for a stagger around Soho's legendary drinking shops and a visit to a history-making restaurant

Moscow - It's Big

From Cold War parade ground to shopper's Paradise, Russia's capital is fast becoming a must see destination