By Nicki.Grihault

Whale-watching in the Azores

Aboard the catamaran, we have become like Pavlov's dogs. At the shout of  'whale!', we drop books, conversations and cups of tea and rush to the prow.

Taking the dogs for a run in Greenland

'Hang on and pretend you're a sack of potatoes,' shouted our tour leader as we perched on wooden dog sleds at the top of a steep snowy slope – a vertical descent of 250 metres nicknamed 'Oh

Bhutan: land of the thunder dragon

With prayer flags fluttering serenely in the breeze, yaks grazing in front of impossibly high and snowy peaks and striking dzongs – fortress-like monasteries clinging to the hillsi

Spice up your life in San Juan

‘It’s a great night for sex,’ exclaimed Debbie, my night tour guide, as we walked under a full moon in the old town of San Juan.

Hitting the souks in Syria

‘Syria is a nation of shopkeepers,’ an astute observer once said, and, with a 2,000 year-old history of trade, Aleppo is like a big bazaar.

Easy living on Lake Como

Enchanting lakeside villages, nestled at the foot of steep forested mountains, and opulent villas with sculpted gardens have earned Lake Como a reputation as one of the most elegant and romantic

Rodrigues: the anti-stress island

Ever wanted to stop the modern world and get off? On Mauritius’s sister island of Rodrigues, the pace of life is as slow as the giant tortoises that once roamed the island.

High-stepping in Havana

The first word most people learn in Cuba is ‘mojito’ – the rum cocktail with soda, lime juice and crushed mint leaves invented by one-time resident, Ernest Hemingway.

Get the Dubai dune bug

Thirty minutes’ drive from Dubai’s glittering metropolis, I sat behind the wheel of a four-wheel-drive Toyota Landcruiser at the foot of a huge sand dune.