By mike.maceacheran

Shopping in Glasgow: the style mile

Whether you are after a designer dress or a diamond engagement ring, Glasgow is a shopaholic's dream. Here are my suggestions on where to spend, spend, spend

Shopping in Glasgow: surprising experiences

Glasgow offers a number of surprising shopping experiences. But of most interest to the visitor are those that are tied to the city’s working class history as much as they are its prosperous present

Nightlife in Glasgow: pubs, clubs and bars

Glaswegian's love a good drink - myself included. It's rather fitting then that the city has the best choice of bars, pubs and clubs than you'll find anywhere else in Scotland. 'Mon and take a drink!

Nightlife in Glasgow: culture

"Kultir!" - as some Glaswegians say - can be many things to many people. In Glasgow, enjoy a night at the theatre or watch history in the making at one of the UK's best music venues