By Michael.Macaroon

Hip hangouts in Hoxton

Since the 1990s – the era of Britpop and Britart, artistic irony and geek chic – Hoxton has been the fashionable crowd’s destination of choice for a big night out.

Spa-spotting in Budapest

Budapest has more spas and thermal baths than any other capital city in Europe. Some are ancient Turkish complexes; others are sumptuous Baroque or Art Nouveau affairs.

The chic 16th - poshest quarter of Paris

The 16th arrondissement, in the west of Paris, is part of Sarkozy-land, where moneyed residents walk their poodles, visit salons to top up their perma-tans and pick at o

Eating out on a budget in London

For most trips, the three biggest costs are flights, hotels and then restaurants. If you fly with a budget airline such as Ryanair or easyJet, you can reduce your travel costs to a minimum.