By Martin.Pilkington

Perche: white horses and black pudding

An invite to the Foire au Boudin – black pudding fair - was what first drew me to Perche, but I had to look in the atlas to find Mortagne-au-Perche, even though we had holi

Kefalonia: snorkels, seafood and sexy wine

In the beautiful Omala Valley, deep within the mountainous heart of Kefalonia, wines are produced just a few hundred metres from the Convent of Saint Gerasimos, the patron saint of

Fishing and bonding in Beaumaris

Exciting the Nintendo generation can take some doing. Likewise bridging the gap between middle-aged dads and teen or near-teen lads.

East Norfolk’s empty places

With Burnham Market now Chelsea-by-the-Sea, north Norfolk has become a gentrified version of itself, still beautiful but almost too looked after.

Shropshire: England's little gem

The secret of an enjoyable break in Britain is ensuring your pleasure doesn’t depend on the weather. If the sun shines, all the better; if it doesn’t, never mind.