By Laura.Dixon

Touring Lisbon by sidecar

If you’re looking for a quirky weekend break with almost guaranteed sunshine and a short flight into the bargain, look no further than

The shopaholic's guide to Hong Kong

As the city that grew up as a trading post between Asia and Europe, it’s only natural that Hong Kong has a well-developed nose for shopping.

24 hours in Belgrade

Belgrade isn’t going to win any awards for beauty – you can still see the ruins of bombed out buildings in many of the city’s districts.

What's so hot about Iceland?

How did it come to this? A windswept little city, half the size of Norwich and a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle, has become my spiritual home. I can’t really explain it.

Funny, sunny Melbourne

There's a saying in Australia: Sydney's got the looks but Melbourne's got the personality.

Spain's best-kept secret: Tarifa

Watching the sparrows weaving in and out of the long fronds of hanging vines, in front of the open-air pool and the steps in the rocks that lead down to the beach at the

Singapore fling

If you’re heading down under or out to the Far East and have the option of a stopover in Singapore, grab it with both hands.

The great Aussie road trip

“Beware of ‘roos after dusk,” was the first and only piece of advice we received when starting out on our big Aussie road trip along the country’s most iconic road.

Tagazhoute: a surf paradise in Morocco

Forget the hell waves of Bell’s Beach, the chicks on the Grand Plage of Biarritz or the lure of Jeffrey’s Bay - Morocco is a surf destination with a difference.

New York on a budget

Forgive me if I go a bit misty-eyed about the days when there were two dollars to the pound and America really felt like the land of the free.

Volcano watching in Iceland

I'm one of the lucky ones - I was out in Iceland two weeks before the volcanic ash stopped all flights to and from the UK and managed to get back safely.