By Kathy.Arnold

Toronto in 48 hours

Never been to Toronto? You might be more familiar with Canada’s largest city than you realise.

Boston in 48 hours

Founded in 1630, Boston is the matriarch of American cities; but, thanks to a massive programme of revitalisation, the old lady is looking good.

Cape Cod: where America goes to relax

Standing on a high dune, I look down to a sandy beach that runs away into the distance. Straight ahead is the blue Atlantic Ocean, stretching all the way eastwards to Portugal.

Celtic Canada: Nova Scotia's tartan treasure

The video starts and up comes an instructor, who tells me how and where to place my feet. I am taking a virtual step-dancing class at the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre in Judique.

New England: leaf-peeping for beginners

Rudyard Kipling called New England’s blaze of autumn colour, the ‘insurrection of the tree people against the waning year.’ While I defer to the poetic pen of the