By Judy.Darley

Colorado dreaming

As the 4x4 trawled up the mountain, sheer precipices fell on either side of the road, inducing gasps and awed laughter.

Sightseeing in Seattle

Located on the west coast of America, a short drive away from Canada, Seattle is Washington State’s most beautiful city.

A gastronomic tour of Glasgow

I’ve never been a whisky fan, but when Iain McCallum, the manager and master blender of the Auchentoshan distillery, handed me

The many sides of Newcastle

When my friends and I told people we were going to Newcastle-upon-Tyne for a weekend away, the resounding response was “Why?” It’s a city with a reputation for offering a

Exploring Porto

To get a sense of how Portugal's second city has evolved, the best thing to do is consider the Rio Douro.