By willoughbymassive

Driving Australia's Great Ocean Road

The morning mist burned away as we left Melbourne on the motorway towards Geelong, enjoying the sense of adventure and anticipation of everything we were going to see.

Ullswater - a whole new world

The story starts at the sturdy market town of Penrith, the perfect place to equip yourself for whatever stay you have planned.

A Pom's Guide to Sydney

The Brit (or Pom) is a unique kind of visitor to Sydney.  To us, Sydney doesn't feel like the other side of the world at all, but simply a different version of our own homeland.

Cinderella City - the Utopia of Perth

Sequestered in its fertile pocket at the far south-western corner of the Australian continent, you get the feeling that Perth is looking out to the Indian Ocean, rather than back t

Singapore in a day

Rise and shine, we need to make a start. Singapore is a fast moving city, so you're about to get a fast moving tour, lots to do and only one day to do it!

Marvellous Melbourne

What makes Melbourne so marvellous? Is it its unique identity? Its understated elegance? Or maybe its vast array of hidden gems?

All about Alice Springs

I don't know about you, but when I pictured Alice Springs  in my mind's eye, I saw dusty desert streets, corrugated iron shacks, and saloons full of Crocodile Dundee types throwing their hunti