By Jeff.Mills

Gothenburg: great scenery and cool bars

Trendy Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city, is home to big industry names such as Ericsson and Volvo. But stand by for fabulous restaurants and hip bars, too

Business and bling in Dubai

It’s glamorous, some think over the top, but there’s no denying there are few places in the Middle East as good as Dubai when it comes to mixing business with pleasure

Burma by boat

Taking a five-star river cruise from Yangon along the Ayeyarwady River is the best way to explore Myanmar (formerly Burma), one of the most secretive parts of Asia

Business can be pleasure in Dublin

As a fun city in which to do business, there can be few better than Dublin, where serious commerce is almost always followed by some serious craic

Doing business in Singapore

Singapore may be perceived as squeaky clean and well regulated but that just adds to its delights as a modern and efficient business centre

Not just business in Brussels

As well as being the headquarters of the European Commission, Brussels has plenty more to offer as the destination for an exciting business trip

Bangkok for business travellers

Bangkok may be one of the most chaotic cities, but it's also easy to fall in love with, and there are few more exciting places in southeast Asia to visit on business