By Jane.Anderson

Roman holiday

I’m no history buff, but when you see the balcony that Mussolini gave his famous speeches from, the place where Julius Caesar stood, the Colosseum and the Vatican, you can’t help but

Mad for Madeira

Design hotels, extreme sports and cool bars: could this really be Madeira?

Honeymoon hideaway in Corsica

Looking for a romantic destination that's low-key yet stunning, and close to home? An in-the-know place that celebs slip away to?

Great family hotels in Ireland

Keep your carbon footprint to a minimum and take a family holiday right on your doorstep. Ireland has hotels to suit every family, from five-star city style to rural eco retreats.  

A passion for Puglia

Nestling in the heel of Italy is the rustically chic region of Puglia. Long touted as the new Tuscany, it has a totally unique heart and soul of its own.

Carrie Bradshaw's New York

What right-thinking woman wouldn’t have the lifestyle of one Carrie Bradshaw? Even if it's just for a weekend...