By j_doe_2982

Be a beach bum in Brighton, England

As a born-and-bred South Devon girl engulfed in the concrete jungle of central London, my gut tells me to head to the nearest beach whenever I need a change of scene.

A shopping weekend in Leeds

I love London but dragging myself through the crowds of Oxford and Regent Street, especially in the run-up to Christmas, can feel more like a chore than an 'experience'.

Varanasi: India encompassed

My most memorable sight in Varanasi was of a holy man, or baba, with silt from the Ganges and ash smeared across his forehead, dressed only in a loose piece of cloth and chatting on his mobile phon

What to see and do in the royal city of Mysore

Not far from the cosmopolitan hub of Bangalore, Mysore is not only smart and uncharacteristically laid back, but has kept its true Indian character intact. Modern hotels and ancient markets ov

Three mad days in Mumbai

I arrived into Victoria Terminus train station before 6am, too early to appreciate its magnificent architecture. Admittedly, it didn’t start well.