By Helen.Werin

A winning weekend in the Peak District

My husband Robin is a landscape photographer and always has to be up early to catch the spectacular scenery of this part of the High Peak in its best light.

Making memories in North Yorkshire

Don’t get me wrong: I will plough against the elements on a rain-ravaged cliff top with the best of them. Trouble is, not everyone in my party feels the same way.

UFOs and caravans in Suffolk

There’s a lane in Dunwich – Middlegate Street – that was once a main thoroughfare in to a thriving walled town, half the size of London, with palaces and even a

Airs and graces in York

There comes a time in every woman's life when she finds herself sounding like her own mother. In my case it was in the exquisite dining room of Middlethorpe Hall.

Touring through northwest France

There’s something about the Vendée that makes you want to load up the pannier of your vélo with a crusty baguette, a picnic rug and a bottle of the local Gros Plant and