By Felice.Hardy

Snakes and fortune-tellers in Taiwan

JK Rowling’s Diagon Alley and Taipei’s Snake Alley both come complete with crones, cobras and bubbling cauldrons. One, of course, is fictional, while the other writhes in reality,

Thrills and swills in Cape Town

Going up in the cable-car to the top of Cape Town’s 1086m Table Mountain, my aim – like the millions of tourists who had travelled up before me – was to enjoy the view of the ocea

Wicked Whistler

By any standard it was a bizarre place for lunch. The table was a six-foot block of snow surrounded by benches carved with an ice-axe.

Live the safari dream in Kenya

Whether you are a family with young children, a honeymoon couple or travelling on your own, a safari is the most memorable trip you can ever go on and - as I discovered – it can be as unusu

Beautiful Broome

Whether or not it is definitively the finest beach in the world is open to four-wheel-drive question.

Action in northern India

Heading towards a white water rapid, precariously perched on a flimsy rubber raft, is not my idea of fun.

48 hours in Singapore

This is a city more reminiscent of Seattle or Vancouver than the British colonial town that the Japanese invaded in February 1942.