By Dan.Hipgrave

Old and new on the Turkish Riviera

With the price of the pound against the Euro so weak, my number one priority when choosing my summer holidays was to avoid the expensive Euro. I also didn’t want a long haul flight.

72 hours in Budapest

Budapest is literally a city of two halves: Buda, quieter and more traditional, perched on a hill to the west of the Danube river, with outstanding views of the city; and on the east side Pest, w

A feast for the senses in Fes

‘Ballack, ballack,’ shouts a scruffy young boy, as he smacks the rump of a ragged donkey struggling with a heavy load of dyed leather.

Party on in Rimini

I flew out to the glamorous city of Rimini for a short break billed as a ‘Party Weekend Package’ and hosted by one of Italy’s hippest hotels, the

A surprising side of Ecuador

I spent the best part of my 20s touring in a rock band, which should have prepared me for anything - eccentric people, extreme parties, seemingly endless nights and surreal situations.

Island life in Malaysia

It wasn’t exactly challenging, considering where best to embark on my virgin fishing voyage.

Hitting the highway in California

Ever imagined driving down a highway on a Harley Davidson, the sun in your face, the wind blowing through your fingers, Pacific curlers crashing onto the rocks on the horiz

Hitting the dunes in Dubai

'Ever rolled it before?’ I asked Azim, the driver of my robust, tank-like 4x4, as we dangerously sped over the desert dunes on the outskirts of Dubai.