By Dan.Hipgrave

Family fun in Barcelona

Combine the theme park thrills of PortAventura with the cosmopolitan attractions of Barcelona, and you've got the ingredients for a perfect family holiday

The new face of Athens

Always thought of Athens as dirty, crowded and polluted? Time to think again - since its Olympics makeover, it's a whole new city

72 hours in Budapest

Magnificent architecture, great value food, and seriously good cocktails - what's not to like about Budapest?

Shopping heaven in Milan

In a city where bus drivers wear Prada and policemen wear Armani, it's no wonder they take their clothes shopping seriously. Welcome to the fashion-conscious streets of Milan

A feast for the senses in Fes

There's more to Morocco than Marrakech. Fes is largely ignored by British tourists, yet spending a few days here is a fascinating experience, like travelling back in time to the Middle Ages

Party on in Rimini

Learn how to mix the coolest tunes and the smoothest cocktails on a party weekend package in Rimini, on Italy's Adriatic coast

Cannes: beyond the red carpet

Yes, Cannes is best known for its ritzy annual film festival - but for the non-A-listers among us, it makes a great weekend break destination at any time of year

A surprising side of Ecuador

Ecuador might not leap to mind as a nightlife destination - but from the clubs of Quito to the full-on partying of Montanita, it's got more than its fair share of action going on

Doing Dubai in a weekend

If you're looking for a quick fix of luxury lifestyle and reliable sunshine, Dubai can definitely deliver the goods

Island life in Malaysia

The island of Langkawi is part of a beautiful archipelago of tropical islands - just the place for a first-time fishing trip

Hidden Florida

There’s more to Florida than Disney. Look a little further and you'll discover an abundance of natural beauty in this geographically diverse state

Hitting the highway in California

Santa Monica in the morning, Malibu in the afternoon... get a Harley-Davidson and the world (or at least California's Pacific Coast Highway) is your oyster

Nashville: music city

From Hank Williams and Dolly Parton to Jimi Hendrix and, of course, Elvis Presley, the city of Nashville has music running through its veins

Hitting the dunes in Dubai

Think of Dubai and you think of towering skyscrapers and man-made islands. But head in to the desert and there’s a wilder side to discover

Meeting Jagger in Jodhpur

With some fantastic music, a worthy purpose, and the odd mega rock star dropping in, the Rajasthan International Folk Festival in Jodhpur is a totally captivating experience