By Clare.Jones

Life on the open road in Ireland

Being presented with a half-ton Irish draught horse and the instruction to catch it and then attach it to a brightly painted wooden caravan might seem a tall order for anyone.

Going underground in Turkey

Folds of soft rock pour across the valley like gentle waves. Surreal honeycomb pillars and clusters of conical formations rise upwards.

Hitting the right note in Verona

Everything seemed to be big - really big. Large ladies with booming voices. A huge stage set with what seemed like a cast of thousands.

Rock routes of Meteora

'Are you planning to go out to a party later,' enquired George, my host, as he handed me the second iced cold frappé I’d ordered that evening.

Off piste in France

If you're fed up with lift queues and line-ups, creaking chair lifts and overpriced cups of coffee, then why not try an altogether different skiing experience?

Anyone for desert Iceland-style?

Odd as it sounds, this could have been the moon. Not so strange, perhaps, when you consider the Apollo astronauts trained here in preparation for their lunar landing.

Spring to it in Andalusia

Andalucia, the dazzling deep south of Spain, heartland of flamenco, sherry and the grand sierras is one of those iconic travel destinations.

Houseboat heaven in Kerala

You can sit back, relax and enjoy a totally different kind of cruise when you step on board an Indian houseboat.

Close encounters in Knysna

Stepping through cloaking forest, where the sky can be hidden by thick canopy, vines wrap around trees and the distant screech of squabbling baboons punctures the silence, offers its own ad

Kick back and kitesurf in Essaouira

Dubbed the ‘windy city’, Essaouira nestles around a blustery broad bay, bedecked with blue doors, carved archways, labyrinthine medina streets and towering ramparts.

Hiking the highlands of Scotland

It’s all too easy to travel to a destination and see it at breakneck speed, frantically ticking off your list of ‘must sees’ and ‘must dos’, buying the T-shirt, post

The sky's the limit in Namibia

Below, a vast wilderness seems to stretch to infinity, dune after dune, pouring and soaring like a sea of remote ruggedness, as far as the eye can see.

Tuscany: a spa too far?

Shuffling down stone carved steps wrapped in a pristine white robe whilst dodging stalagmites and stalactites might not sound like your run-of-the-mill spa experience.

Action-packed Anglesey

“Remember all the things your mother told you not to do at the seaside?” The question hangs momentarily in the air.

On the rails in Rajasthan

Ornate maharajas' palaces, hilltop forts and a rainbow sea of saris are at every corner in India’s royal state of Rajasthan. To get around, however, takes time.

Souk it up in Marrakech

The mingling aroma of a thousand spices and the sounds of story-tellers, fire-eaters and snake-charmers make Marrakech and its bustling souks one of the world’s most exotic o

Easy trekking in South Africa

Oysters so fresh they had only been plucked from the watery depths that day and a crisp cold glass of champagne greeted us as we stopped.

The seal deal in North Wales

Close-up animal encounters don’t have to involve travelling halfway across the world and jumping aboard a safari jeep.