By Belinda.Archer

Madeira reborn

Madeira is known for bath chairs, blue rinses and a sherry-type tipple. But it has plenty to offer younger visitors, from groovy nightclubs to designer hotels and achingly trendy new restaurants

Foodie LA

Los Angeles is the cradle of the faddish diet, peopled by pole-thin wannabes, and notorious for frowning on calorific over-indulgence. But now it's rebranding itself as a top foodie destination

See Naples and fall in love

Naples is dirty, rubbish-strewn, full of shouting locals and Mafioso bosses wearing sunglasses, but it also has a strange charm. Go there, and fall in love

Zermatt: the best ski resort in the Alps

Zermatt has got the lot: fantastic skiing, unrivalled mountain restaurants, horse-drawn sleighs, and the perfect, Toblerone-shaped Matterhorn. You don’t need to bother with anywhere else

Affordable Aspen

It may be known for its glitzy, showbiz clientele, fancy restaurants, and plush hotels, but the chic ski resort of Aspen in the Rockies can also be done on the cheap. It even has a McDonald’s!

Swiss style in Laax

Forget cuckoo clocks, fondue and chintz - the Swiss ski resort of Laax is a super-groovy destination for the style-conscious

Paris pas cher

Happily for these credit-crunched times, much that is wonderful about Paris is free, from strolling along its leafy boulevards to chilling out beside the Seine

More for your moolah in Marrakech

Marrakech has become a fashionable luxury destination, all boutique riads and fancy Moroccan cuisine. But you can still enjoy it on a budget, just as the hippies who flocked here in the Sixties did

Egypt: cruise the Nile in style

Forget the paddle steamers and big ships – the only way to cruise up the Nile and see the splendours of ancient Egypt is on a dahabiyya, a traditional 19th-century luxury sailing boat