By Anthony.Peregrine

Is this the best restaurant in France?

Without fuss or pretension, a modest hotel-restaurant in a remote part of the Massif Central in France produced one of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten

Calais: more than just a Channel port

Hours to wait for a ferry or tunnel shuttle, or just want a short-break in France? There are plenty of attractions in and around Calais. Here are the best sights, hotels and restaurants

Nice is Nice, but Biarritz has ritz

Both Nice and Biarritz promise sea, sensuality and the glint of sun on champagne glasses. So which is it to be for the weekend? French Atlantic or Côte-d’Azur? And which hotels should you book?

Marseille, Montpellier or Nîmes?

You need a break, and you want it in the French south – for the heat, the verve and the adrenaline. Low-cost airlines offer a choice of off-beat cities, but which should you go for?

Toulouse vs Carcassonne

Both are full-blooded cities of southwest France, with accents forged by cassoulet, fighting and rugby football. Toulouse is bigger, Carcassonne more visited. So which is the short-break favourite?

Lyon's share of good times

Lyon is supposed to be dreary and grey. So what is it about this surprisingly stylish and lively French city that will have visitors singing?

Aix-en-Provence vs Avignon

Avignon has culture, history, good food and beautiful women. So does Aix-en-Provence. How on earth are we to choose? Allow me to explain

Take me to Arles, Provence’s hottest city

Van Gogh, cowboys and Julius Caesar are among the cast in the hot-blooded spectacle which is Arles. So are beautiful women. Join them any time in a town where the tempo stays up all year round

In the Pink: drinking your way round Provence

The rosé wines of Provence are routinely rubbished by experts. That's because experts know nothing. In truth, the pinks heighten the sensuality of the sunlit south. We should get among them

Porto: world capital of (very) slow food

It’s not only the port wine which ages in Porto, Portugal’s second city. Humans, too, can put on a couple of years between arriving at a restaurant and being served