By AndyMont

On top of the world in Tenerife

To the Guanche, Tenerife’s earliest known inhabitants, Mount Teide was a sacred spot "where the Earth holds up the sky". Rising 3,718m above sea level, it is S

Carnaval in Tenerife: it's time to party!

When Carnaval hits the streets of Tenerife each February, it’s time to throw off the mantle of tourist and spin headlong into the Latin spirit, even if that means slipping on

Sun, sand and shopping in Santa Cruz

A bustling and vibrant port city lying at the foot of the Anaga Mountains, Santa Cruz has an annual average temperature of 22C and almost eight hours of sunshine per day.

Walk Tenerife

Whether you’re looking for gentle coastal paths to stretch your legs and work up an appetite for lunch; family-friendly footpaths where lizards scuttle under