By Andrea.McVeigh

From dust till dawn in Egypt

Par, parp, parp, parparparp. Cairo is one noisy city - deafening, in fact. Even if you bag a room on the top floor of a good hotel in Egypt's capital - the real city that never

Talking Eurovision and Stalin in Vilnius

The question "where?", in response to the statement "I'm off to Vilnius for the weekend" should be redundant by the end of 2009. The capital of Lithuania (nestled between

Cruising around Tahiti and the South Seas

In French Polynesia, business suits aren't the done thing. Here, even the newsreaders wear flowers in their hair and 'dressing up' extends about as far as wearing a crown of fl

Belfast: from Troubles town to city of craic

Belfast people like their nicknames. A symbolic 17m-tall statue on the banks of the River Lagan, of a woman standing on a globe holding aloft a giant ring, is officially called the

Singalonga Cork and Kerry

It makes for a great Facebook status update. Joe Bloggs… is going over the Cork and Kerry mountains.