By Andrea.Kirkby

A night on the tiles in Madrid

Glazed tiles are a fine Madrid tradition – every bar worth its salt has a tiled façade or interior. Eat, drink, and learn Spanish culture the easy way by visiting the best tiled bars in town

Trawling the Parisian flea markets

From the grunge of Montreuil to the chic antiques of Saint-Ouen, Paris has flea markets to suit every taste and budget. Even if you're not buying, their atmosphere is infectious

Mastering beer hall etiquette in Munich

Visiting Munich for the beer? First you need to learn how to behave properly in a biergarten – and find out where the best ones are. Then pick up your 'mass' and 'trink, trink, trink'

Undiscovered Venice

Venice is one of the world's most visited cities. But there are still some neighbourhoods where you only have to share it with the cats, the pigeons and the cries of the boatmen

Walking the Pennine Way

The Pennine Way is England's toughest hike – 268 miles of pain. It's also 268 miles of glorious scenery, following the central watershed of the country all the way north to the Scottish border

London's street markets

You can buy anything in one of London's street markets, from antique paintings to red snappers and old car parts. But they're more than just markets – they're a living part of the city's culture

Palermo: city of contrasts

The Sicilian capital of Palermo is an amazing mixture of Arab, Byzantine and Italian – a busy city, where the traffic never slows down, and life never stops

Caceres: city of storks and conquistadors

The Spanish city of Caceres is full of character, thanks to the fine Renaissance mansions built by returning conquistadors - and the noise of the storks who inhabit their towers