By Amanda.Statham

Marrakech is so Moorish

Flying into the North African city of Marrakech in Morocco, with its backdrop of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, date palms and flat-roofed pink buildings, makes your heart soar.

Bali: love island

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall put Bali on the lovers' map when they had their blessing there in the 70s and, despite recent troubles, the Indonesian island continues to be one of the all-time m

Paradise found in the Maldives

The islands of the Indian Ocean are setting new standards for luxury resorts and service, leaving the rest of the world trailing in their wake.

Do the Wight thing

The Isle of Wight has never been hotter. With a massive resurgence in UK honeymoons, thanks to eco chic and the credit crunch, couples are looking closer to home for a magical getaway.

Mauritius: five-star style

This honeymoon hotspot now boasts 100 resorts ringing its 110-mile coast, many of them four- and five-star, and nearly all overlooking the island’s top commodities, its white sand beaches.

Beautiful Botswana

While African countries such as Kenya and Zimbabwe have been making headlines for their political instability as much as their beauty recently, peaceful Botswana has been building

Je t'aime, Paris

Paris is unmatched when it comes to old-school grand hotels that ooze glitz, glamour and the promise of a decadent time.

Manhattan: made for romance

New York might not be the USA’s political capital, but it’s the first city for fashion, nightlife and romance.

Bagging bargains in New York

It’s likely you’ll know, or at least have heard all about, the upper section of Fifth Avenue in the Midtown area of Manhattan, where you’ll