By Adam Jacot de Boinod

Valencia on a plate

With thousands of bars, cafeterias and restaurants, there's fabulous food to be had in Valencia - you just need to know the right places to look...

Destination Kenya

On a Kenyan safari, barefoot luxury and expansive views go hand-in-hand with the thrill of the chase

Hands-on culture in Valencia

A trip to Valencia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. Here's how to get the best from this fabulously futuristic attraction

Discovering Ibiza in winter

When the hordes have departed and the sun has mellowed, the true magic of a holiday in Ibiza is yours for the taking during the laid-back winter months

Hastings: a breath of fresh air

With a mix of stylish hotels, interesting shops, history and leisure, Hastings is a salty seaside town that's definitely on the up

A Hot Weekend in Iceland

A frequent visitor reveals it's hotspots and shares a naked encounter with the country’s biggest export

À Table en Paris!

As soon as I arrive in Paris I always pop straight out for a short walk beside the riverbanks of the Seine. Paris is such a fun city to experience by foot.

Mauritius: Where to stay

Mauritius is an unspoilt island whether for a honeymoon, a young family or in retirement. The hotels are excellent, the service is wonderful and the food local, fresh and delicious. Here are my recommendations...