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"gap-year" related travel guides

Salvador guides us through the coral to our very own island for the night.

Dodge the Darien Gap - sail from Panama to Colombia

by danver6

Destination: Panama

If the backpacker trail is getting too crowded, leave the land behind. For the same price as a flight you can sail from Panama to Columbia, visiting the achingly beautiful San Blas islands. Here's how

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Relaxing by the pool at CPI’s school on Playa Flamingo

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

Destination: Playa Flamingo

Taking Spanish lessons in Costa Rica can be a great prelude to any adventure in Central or South America and is essential for ensuring that you get the most out of your travels

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Waterfalls at Litchfield National Park

Doing Darwin in the dry season

Destination: Darwin

Venture to Australia’s Top End between April and October, and you can enjoy Darwin at its sunny, lively best, with everything from jumping crocodiles to didgeridoo drum 'n' bass

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Living la dolce vita in Perugia

Destination: Perugia

The Umbrian capital of Perugia is famous for Buitoni pasta, Perugina chocolate and jazz. I spent a month in the city, soaking it all up

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Maori carving at the start of State Highway 35

Go east: the wild side of New Zealand's North Island

Destination: North Island

Escape the crowds on New Zealand's North Island and head east to discover rugged coastal scenery, deserted beaches, spectacular lakes and authentic Maori culture

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Flinders Street Station, New Year's Eve

Feeling festive in Melbourne

by sgl4maj

Destination: Melbourne

If you are heading Down Under over the British winter then 1) I'm very jealous, and 2) Head to Melbourne!

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Husky sledding

Montreal you need for the perfect winter treat

Destination: Montreal

Montreal's winter temperature often dips well below zero. But from ice-skating and husky-sledding to Canada's cosiest and friendliest bars, this snowy wonderland has plenty to keep the heart pumping

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The Spit

Sydney for free

Destination: Sydney

This guide is going out to those legions of skint backpackers Down Under, determined to make the most of their time in Sydney despite their shrinking wallets

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Fiji Water on Mana Island

Mana from heaven

Destination: Mana Island

A trip to Mana Island, part of the Mamanucas in Fiji, left a lasting mark on the author's sole - and her soul

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Alighting for the Inca Trail

Keep it local: the Good Inca Trail Guide

by Warrick

Destination: Cusco

Booking the Inca Trail through a UK operator is not the only way. Use a local company in Peru and you can save money – and the trail's future. Here, I explode the myths and tell you how to do it

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