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Eating Sherpar Chilli chicken at Makye Ame

Budget Beijing

Destination: Beijing

Want to go to Beijing but not sure where to start or what to see? Check out this brief lowdown on the cheapest way to see the best that China's capital has to offer

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Mexico City tacos

Mexico: beyond the tourist traps

by LRevans

Destination: Mexico City

Ever wondered what Mexico is like beyond the tourist traps of the Yucatan Peninsula? On my ten day trip I found out - rich in history, colourful in culture, and spectacular in nature

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Beachside in Tulum

Beyond Cancun: lesser-known Yucatan

by LRevans

Destination: Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan Peninsula is a must-see on many a traveller's list. Safe, beautiful, and incredibly varied, the region offers many riches beyond the crowds of Cancun

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A jeep surveys the vast expanse of Salar de Uyuni

Brilliant Bolivia

Destination: Uyuni

It's not just the high altitude that will take your breath away at Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia. The world's largest salt flats make for a truly unearthly road trip

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The next Sachin Tendulkar arrives for a cricket game

Bowled over by maddening Mumbai

by jambri

Destination: Mumbai (Bombay)

The chaotic Indian setting for hit movie Slumdog Millionaire, cricket-obsessed Mumbai will shock, seduce, sadden, charm and confound you in equal measure

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The ticket hall at Kisumu station

Riding the Lunatic Express: through Kenya by train

by hubris

Destination: Kisumu

Overland travel in Africa need not involve dusty trails or tightly packed buses. Kenya has maintained its rail network meticulously for 40 years and it acts as a living museum piece today

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West Coast, South Island

Carry on campervanning: on the road in New Zealand

Destination: New Zealand

Campervanning in New Zealand is the most flexible way to see the country's spectacular landscape, while combining your wheels, bedroom and dining room in one nifty package!

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Salto Sapo

Exploring Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Destination: Canaima National Park

Canaima National Park is 30,000 km² of jungle, waterfalls, rivers and grassland in Southern Venezuela. Read my journey through the dramatic landscape travelling by canoe and sleeping in a hammock

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Perth from the statue of Queen Victoria, Kings Park

Cinderella City - the Utopia of Perth

Destination: Perth

Hidden away from the outside world. Reachable only by crossing oceans, vast deserts or endless skies, Perth is a paradise far, far away

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The Fijian ladies at the Lautoka bus station market

Lautoka - Fiji's sweetest city

Destination: Lautoka

A holiday in Fiji tastes sweeter during Lautoka's annual Sugar Festival. Find out what else to do in Fiji's second city, where the locals sway to a Bollywood beat

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