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Music is everywhere in Havana

High-stepping in Havana

Destination: Havana

With music at every turn, you can't help but dance to the beat of the Cuban capital of Havana

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Courtyard, Hotel Tejadillo, Havana

Our room in Havana

Destination: Havana

Havana's historic centre is the atmospheric place to stay in the Cuban capital – just don't count on a room with a view

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One of Seoul's many serene Buddhist temples

Lose your heart to Seoul

Destination: Seoul

The South Korean capital of Seoul may be Asia's best-kept secret but its 12 million residents are happy to share its yin and yang sides, from spiritual temples to futuristic toilet seats

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'Golden Temple', Kyoto

I left my heart in Tokyo

by sgl4maj

Destination: Tokyo

A backpacker's guide to Japan on the cheap

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Houseboat heaven in Kerala

Destination: Kerala

Try a very different kind of cruise and enjoy the silence of southern India. You might not get all the glitz of an ocean-going vessel but you won’t need to fight for a sun lounger

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The skyscrapers of Central, from Happy Valley racecourse

Hong Kong's magical stairway to heaven

by rfield

Destination: Hong Kong

It may be famous for its skyline, its double-decker trams, its shopping and its fabulous Asian food – but the real attraction of Hong Kong is a mountain escalator made for commuters

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Cooke Herefordshire 2

Herefordshire high life

Destination: Hereford

Sample a taste of Herefordshire with a short break to this surprising English county

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The only way is up: the Singapore skyline

Sky-high Singapore

Destination: Singapore

South-east Asia's smallest country looks smaller still from 72 floors up. The view from the New Asia Bar puts Singapore in perspective, from its futuristic buildings to its pockets of colonial calm

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View of the Douro

Tasting the high life in Porto

by rfield

Destination: Porto

There’s more to Porto for alcohol lovers to enjoy than plain old port. Ever heard of white port? No? Well, read on…

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Tel Aviv: view from Jaffa

Israel: holiday highlights

Destination: Tel Aviv

It may be only a small country, but Israel's not short of fascinating attractions. Here's my guide on what to see, where to go and how to get the most out of a week there

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