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Eton College (©

Why the royals rate Windsor

by Lyn.Eyb

Destination: Windsor

Kings and queens have called Windsor home for centuries. Take a walk through its cobbled streets to discover what makes it such a favourite with royalty

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The real Syria

Destination: Damascus

Friendly people, great food, some of the most uncrowded and beautiful sites of antiquity... all this and more awaits anyone who ventures east to Syria

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The milky waters of Blue Lagoon

Shoestring Reykjavik

by venne

Destination: Reykjavik

How to make your krona stretch as far as possible in and around the curiously quirky capital of Iceland, Reykjavik

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A Coruna is a most attractive city

Santiago sunshine

Destination: Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela, in the Spanish province of Galicia, is one of Catholicism’s most holy sites - but the area has a lot more to offer than prayer

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Gondolier's washday

Venice secrets

Destination: Venice

Planning a trip to Venice? Here are some unusual suggestions and tips you probably won't find in your guidebook, including some of our favourite places to eat

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The Moorish minaret

Seville's unique style

by stokel

Destination: Seville

A rich blend of cultures and influences have played their part in making Seville the magnificent city it is today, with charming old quarters, beautiful gardens and stunning historical attractions

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View of the Tuscan hills from Siena

Siena: Tuscan treasures

Destination: Siena

The ancient city of Siena has spectacular culture, wonderful food and a quiet contentment - all of which make it an absorbing but relaxing getaway

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Don't miss the windows in St Thomas' church

Winchelsea weekend

by Janet21

Destination: Winchelsea

Winchelsea in East Sussex, on the brink of Romney Marsh, is a beautiful centre for anyone wanting to mix hiking and history or birdwatching and beer

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