Where to eat on Male Island in the Maldives

by Janaspice

I love the variety of Cuisines in the Maldives. A real melting pot of cultures. Asian being my one of my favourite foods, Male island has a fantastic choice. Let's explore and taste what's here!

I simply love coming here and eating out. It is so easy and amazingly cheap, yet fresh and modern with attention to detail.

This is a list of my favourite places to eat out in Male, Maldives.

3. Aïoli Restaurant, H. Orchidmaage, Lotus Ghoalhi, Male' 20095. www.aioli.com.mv

Whenever in Male, we like to visit Aioli Restaurant, near our Hotel.  I have been there many many times and cannot fault their food. The menu has a lot of variety. Something for everybody.  There are delicious dishes from every continetnt. Salads, Pastas, Curries, Vegetarian, Seafood, Steaks and Local Fayre.

The outside or airconditioned (sometimes too chilly) inside sitting areas are friendly and reflect the style of the varied cuisines that are served here. Downstairs by the courtyard is a vitrine with tempting cakes and sweets on display, which I can imagine will make coming here for afternoon tea a nice idea. Still it is never very busy in Alioli and I cannot quite understand why.

Butter Chicken with Rice and Garlic Nan is the favourite dish amongst the Crew, but I personally went for the Hot and Sour Soup with Prawns. I love it, but if you are not used to the chillies it will give you hickups!

One great thing that I like alot about Aioli, is that they will accommodate your taste for degrees of spicyness. Just tell them how hot or mild you like it and they'll do it. Which makes me think, why don't restaurants have a scoville chart type rating for dishes. ... Make mine an 8 out of 10 please :-)

2: Thai Wok Restaurant, H. Ameeru Ahmed Magu, K. Male'. Tel: (960) 331-0007

With a large array of authentic dishes at very good prices this is an obvious choice for a casual meal for local and foreign guests alike.

My Top Tip: Do ask them how big the portion is when you're ordering. Most rice and noodle dishes are large enough to be shared by a whole family, while meat and side dishes come in 3 different sizes and small really means small.

There is one thing that puzzles me. With Thai food being so plentifully found everywhere in Male, where are all the Thai people? To be honest, I haven't seen any. Not one!

Ok sorry, back to Thai Wok. Tonight I had my obligatory Tom Yum soup followed by Deep Fried Fish with tamarind sauce and a Minced Beef Dry Curry. (this may soon become an 'inspired by' recipe) If like me, you like your Thai food spicy, the fact they have Chilli Fish Sauce and Chilli Vinegar Condiments on their tables will probably also make you very happy. All my dishes today were faultless. I enjoyed everyone of them very much.

The best thing is; what I can't finish now, will make my crew meal on the flight home - lovely!
Oh! And by the way the Take Away Food came laced up in little plastic bags, skilfully wrapped with tiny string, I think I now know where the Thai people are... They're in the kitchen!

1: Finally! My favourite Restaurant in Male is Lemongrass Fifth. Fareedhee Magu, Male 300-9000

I've been here so many times I've even got a discount card.  The Restaurant has an airconditioned Downstairs, but we always favour the Semi Open Air Upstairs or even right outside on the Balcony, where the Fruit Bats do their evening rounds.

When I first discovered Lemongrass Fifth, I was looking for something to eat for lunch on a Friday. In the Maldives Friday is like a Sunday. Most Shops and Restaurants are closed. If you ever find yourself facing the same dilemma, Lemongrass Fifth to the rescue!

So it's open on Friday but surely that's not why it's my favourite. You're right. The real reason is the menu. It's like an encyclopaedia of Thai food. I could study it for hours before I decide what I'm going to have.

Tonight we shared a Tom Yum Steamboat, then I had one of the fried whole fish dishes. The waiter looked at me a bit funny , hesitated, then said with a side to side head shake 'ok'. It is an indulgence even for me, and really it is for sharing (comes with 3 portions of rice) but you know me, I am having what's left as my crew meal!

The side dishes are Garlic Water Spinach and Green Papaya Salad. Two of my 'Must Haves' in any Thai Restaurant.

Once again everything was lovely. The only one small thing I missed here, was my beloved Chilli Fish Sauce, but tthen hey will bring some, if asked. Is is unusual that I am already contemplating what I'm going to have next time I go there?