Starling Parade at Brighton Pier

by Janaspice

Coming to Brighton for a Weekend is a popular Thing to Do for the People in Britain, but it is such a fantastic place to visit, that coming from further away would be very much worth it.

Brighton Pier was first built in 1823. Since then is has been rebuilt a few times, after storms and historic events had taken their toll. In it's young days it was the first ever Pier that bacame a tourist attraction. Candy, Souvenier and Fortune Teller Stalls started to pop up and an Entree Fee was introduced. Nowadays Brighton Pier employs 500 People from all over the world. Visiting the Pier is now free of course and even the Deckchairs are free of charge. Be quick though, you know what those Germans are like.

Despite worries of Climate Change and loss of Habitat, the first signs of Spring are here, it's getting warmer and the Starlings are back!
Since as long as I have lived here (and a long time before that) the Birds have gatherd around the Piers in Brighton for a big Flying Parade at Sunset.
They flock in from every direction during the afternoon all heading towards the sea. Then suddenly they start making formations and just fly joyfully in big shawls over and around the Pier.
Before the old West Pier burned down, we used to think that they were roosting in the structure of the old buildings, but after the buildings were gone the mysterious spectacle continued. My conclusion is that they just come down to Brighton for a party, just like many a tourist crowd does as well. They simply are having a good time. It is stunning here most of the time but in particular at this time of the day.

My ideal visit to the Pier would start in the later afternoon. About 4 o'clock. Take in some of the amusements. Which ever tickles your fancy. The Bungee Trampoline just outside on the beach is always popular and looks like a good little workout, too.
My friends took me on the Crazy Mouse Ride one evening. It's meant to be an easy ride, you know, for beginners like me... Everytime we went around one of the corners, I thought we'd wind up straight in the English Chanel.

Another friend tells me that the Booster, a 38m tall Pole, swinging around in a huge circle, giving you an experience of 3.6 G-Force is a good fun thrill. I take his word for it!
As with most funfairs new Rides keep coming to the Attraction and Brighton has been known, to get the latest and best before everyone else.

You simply cannot come to to seaside without having Fish and Chips. There is really not much more I can say about that.
Just maybe one little thing and even Heston Blumenthal is agreeing with me on this, The Palm Court Restaurant and Take Away Stall make the Best Fish and Chips ... in the World!
What better place to eat them? Really, if you can name a better place I will buy you an Exra Large Portion of your favourite Fish and Chips! Please let me have a chip though.

Another thing I can never get enough of, are the stunning views to either side of the Pier. The latest addition to the coastline sillouette is of course the Brighton Wheel. Built in 2011 it has become a bit of a controvercy with the local residents. It looks pretty awsome though, I think.
Random Fact: The Wheel was first built in Germany and before it came to be in Brighton it was an Attraction at the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Last but not least, there is a Pub! They thought of everything!
Chill out on the Decks (litterally) with a refreshing drink while watching the Starlings do their spectacular spiel and the sun quietly saying it's bye bye and making way to the twilight sky...