Luxury safari camps in Tanzania

by EdenCollection

Tanzania - This is about as untamed as it gets. It’s one of the remotest parts of Africa, hundreds of miles from the nearest village and in a reserve larger....

Grumeti River Camp

There’s a certain feel of authenticity when you walk into one of the tents at Grumeti. To begin with, being surrounded by canvas gives a real sense of adventure (even though these tents are just as luxurious as any lodge!). Colourful African fabrics are everywhere, together with locally sculpted furnishings that give the whole camp quite an air of fantasy (the headboard reminded us of a giant crown – it’s like something from Alice in Wonderland!). Entertainment might well come from the resident hippo family at this point of the river, who put on quite a floor show!

Klein’s Camp

Take your seats for the best view in the house! Perched on high with breathtaking views over the valley, there’s no better spot for watching the Great Migration. Klein’s has another advantage, too: because it’s in an exclusive private concession in the Masai territory, it doesn’t have to adhere to usual Serengeti National Park rules. That means the rangers can go off-road to get you up close to the animals (and do night drives, too). It all adds to the extraordinary experience you get here, courtesy of the exceptional staff. Incredible.


Admit it – who didn’t want to be Tarzan (or Jane) when they were little? That fantasy comes true at Mahale (although there’s no swinging through the trees!). After a dramatic dhow journey to the mysterious camp, you realise you’re somewhere very special indeed. It’s a breathtaking arrival – and it just gets better. All the luxuries are here, plus great lake activities; but it’s the chimps you’ve come to see, and a face-to-face meeting is something that never leaves you. Be prepared though: finding them might mean a short trip along the lake or a four-hour hike up the mountain!

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

“Hobbit huts in Middle Earth”. “A Salvador Dali painting”. “A baroque fantasy”. “The lost world”. We’ve heard Crater Lodge likened to a lot of things. And to be honest, it’s really hard to imagine just how fantastic (literally) it is; the richness, opulence and elegance of the flamboyant surroundings is unbelievable. But the key is in the views: looking across a landscape almost as unique as the hotel with wildlife almost as exotic, it all makes sense. And that, for us, makes it one of those places you must visit at least once in your life.

Sand Rivers in Selous

This is about as untamed as it gets. It’s one of the remotest parts of Africa, hundreds of miles from the nearest village and in a reserve larger than Switzerland (phew!). And yet there’s undeniable luxury here: some of the biggest beds we’ve ever seen, beautiful crescent-shaped pool and comfortable armchairs to enjoy the spectacular view – and wildlife. Whether you view it on foot (highly recommended), boat or Land Rover, you’ll be virtually the only humans in this wilderness. For a full-on experience, we’d opt for ‘fly-camping’: sleeping in the bush under nothing but a mozzie net. It’s fantastic!