The inside track on Monaco

by heidfeld

Monaco’s the place to be each May, when motorsports fans and A-list celebs jet in for the Grand Prix

Formula 1 in Monaco is the must-go race out of all 17 Formula 1 races around the world. It´s different, it´s classy, it´s outstanding; it is the "never forget event" and definitely the place to be every year in late May.

The perfect extended weekend takes you to Nice airport on a Wednesday afternoon; early-bookers can find flights available for around £100 per person. Choosing a nice SIXT convertible for three days for about £250, you cruise the beautiful coastline in the 30-degree warm May sun.

Checking in to one of the most breathtaking hotels in the world, Le Cap Estel in Eze-Bord-de-mer, leaves your business week behind you in minutes, ready to take a deep dive in what life is for.

You can eat well here all year, and this most beautiful part of the Côte d'Azur offers a large variety of outstanding restaurants, but at this time of the year I recommend heading for one of the hip "eat and meet" restaurants. Therefore, Thursday evening takes you to the famous Club 55 in St Tropez, where you can dine on high quality seafood, with your feet in the sand, blue ocean ahead, and every chance of seeing Mick Jagger walk in. Make your reservations, and dress only in white!

Thursday and Saturday morning takes you out on to the terrace gardens of the Hotel de Paris to watch a Formula 1 practice session with super-sportscars going by at 250mph just three yards away, while you hold your chilled welcome glass of champage in your hand - 100 per cent atmosphere!

After a wonderful breakfast, Friday morning takes you out on a sailing ship cruise, with your feet hanging in the refreshing cool blue water. Sunshine, music, a good glass of wine... it's the perfect relaxed day.

Sunday is the mega blaster day. The elevator takes you up to the top floor of the Hotel de Paris, where the penthouse restaurant has the best possible view that you can imagine. Blue sky, the harbour, the yachts, crowds of people and you, on the top of the hill in the king's seat. Ten seconds before the F1 cars leave the box, you realise that 200,000+ people can be quiet - until the beasts begin to scream and the party begins. 

Going for the maximum Sunday night takes you to the Sass Café, Jimmy´z and Amber Lounge.

Experience it yourself: you will never get those fantastic moments out of your mind. The price for the three days' Hotel de Paris race-watching, including wine and a high-class meal, is £1,000 per person. In the stands or tribunes, you'll pay £650 per person and have a sandwich in your hand - making that extra £350 that lifts you up to heaven a smart investment.  

100% adrenaline, 100% never forget.