Beach Paradise Island Kurumba (Maldives)

by Janaspice

If you are looking for a convenient romantic getaway, a perfect family vacation, or a spa, recharge and relax holiday, Kurumba is for you!

Kurumba means Coconut and doesn't it roll of the tongue nicely? It is also the first private resort that opened to tourists in the Maldives. The Design of the resort makes me think 'Zen' and 'Peaceful' and it may have been here for 40 years already, but there is nothing old about it. Kurumba has 180 rooms with 8 different styles to choose from. At beach walking speed the island can be circumnavigated in 30 minutes. It is indeed surrounded by soft white sand and turquoise child friendly shallow water.

In amongst the plentiful flowers, shrubs and coconut palms the beautiful beach bungalows are hiding. My favourites are the Deluxe Bungalows right by the sea. You can open your glass double door out to your little terrace and hop right onto the beach. All it needs is a hamock, but maybe it's just me, I like hamocks.

To protect the island Kurumba has wave breakers around the lagoon. All along these you'll find marvellous snorkelling scenery. Just outside of the them, by the reef shelf, are thousands of tropical fish of all colours and sizes. Talking of size there are also a few reef sharks swimming along the shore, and today when I was calmly bobbing along, thinking I was in a live aquarium, duh duh duuuhhmm...I met their Daddy!

Not to worry though, he looked big and scary but is harmless really.
Apart from snorkelling you can indulge in plenty of other activities. From watersports to yoga, table tennis to finding your dancing feet and sea legs.
Your holiday will be tranquil but never boring.

Being conveniently close to the airport this resort would seem favoured for families or shorter holidays, but a I think romantic getaway would be equally wonderful here.

There are several restaurants and Bars dotted around, offering a great variety of delicious dishes including Seafood, Barbecues, Arabic, Chinese, Italian and Japanese cuisine as well as the usual Buffet Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Do: Book a trip to see the amazing Manta Rays, if they are offering it, (depends on whether they are currently around.)
Do: Visit Male Island and go to one of it's great Restaurants or walk around the Fish Market.

Don't: Swim over the corals at low tide, they can be razor sharp.


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