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Dubrovnik attractions and things to do

Dubrovnik city walls

Dubrovnik City Walls

Walk along the battlements of Dubrovnik’s medieval fortifications.

Šunj beach

Šunj beach

Sandy beach on Lopud, just a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik.

Cable car

Dubrovnik Cable Car

See Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian coast from above.

War Photo Ltd second floor

War Photo Limited

Dubrovnik’s impartial portrayal of the emotions caused by war.

Banje beach out of season

Banje beach

Dubrovnik's trendiest beach lies just outside the old town.

A lunch stop on Koločep

Sea kayaking from Dubrovnik

Paddle across the Adriatic to outlying islands in a sea kayak.

Lokrum lies near to the old town


A tiny island close to Dubrovnik old town, ideal for swimming and sun bathing.

Lapad beach

Lapad beach

Dubrovnik’s biggest and most popular beach .

Entrance to the Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

Find out more about Dubrovnik’s historic ties with the sea and shipping.

Dubrovnik cathedral

Dubrovnik cathedral

See Dubrovnik’s Baroque cathedral and a stash of golden reliquaries in the adjoining treasury.