Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni

Address: Calle dei Furlani, Castello 3259A, Venice, Italy
Telephone: 041 5228828

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Carpaccio's charming works fill this historic Slav guildhall.

The Scuola di San Giorgio agli Schiavoni (School of St George of the Slavs) was a meeting house for the city’s Slav community. To show their taste and clout, they commissioned Vittore Carpaccio in 1508 to decorate the walls with pictures of their national saints.

In paintings which cover the whole of the large ground floor meeting room, St George on his charger saves a beautiful princess from the dragon (note the dismembered bits of less lucky maidens on the ground), St Jerome's fellow monks flee as he removes a thorn from the lion’s paw and St Tryphon casts out devils from the possessed daughter of a Roman emperor. The portrait of St Augustine sitting in his study, the signs of his great learning all around and his little white dog looking on lovingly, is totally charming.

When my daughter was small, this was one of our favourite haunts in Venice: the opportunities for games of I-Spy in Carpaccio's works are endless.

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Opening times at this Scuola are notoriously changeable.

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