Tarxien Temple Complex

Address: Neolithic Temples Street, Tarxien, PLA11, Malta
Telephone: 21 695 578

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This is the latest and most decorated of Malta’s remarkable prehistoric temple complexes.

Built from 5,000 years ago, The Tarxien Temples are amongst the oldest sophisticated stone buildings in the world and have World Heritage status. They are the most decorated of Malta’s remarkable Stone Age temples with carved altars, huge bowls and the largest of the ‘Fat Ladies of Malta’ - voluminous statues that were probably part of a fertility cult. These temples are now surrounded by a modern suburb but they are no less interesting because of that.

Value for money

Price advice

Adult admission is 6 euros, children aged 12-17 and over-60s are 4.50 euros, and children aged 6-12 are 3 euros. Under-fives can go free.

Expert tips

See the originals of the carvings and statues found at these temples at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta.

There is virtually no information on site (a visitor centre is planned, but won't be here for a while) so if you want the background, take a guidebook.

The Tarxien Temples are just a few minutes walk from the extraordinary complex of underground chambers, the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, where the temple people buried their dead, so combine visiting the two.

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