Citadelle de St Tropez

Address: 16 ter Rue Citadelle, St-Tropez, 83990, France
Telephone: +33 494 975943

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Memories in monumental form.

At the top of the hill behind the village, the citadel – St Tropez’s most impressive construction by far – has overseen the village since the 16th century. And the mighty stone bastion had an ambiguous relationship with locals for just as long.

Built to defend the coast against all-comers (English, Spanish, Saracens and anyone else who threatened), the Royal stronghold also served to keep Tropeziens themselves in order.

They have always been a truculent and independent lot, convinced they could look after their own affairs – and protection. So there was much resentment at this outpost of Royal power in their midst. From time to time, they would attack it, and at other times, it would serve to discipline them.

Now it stands rather magnificently above them, a monument to mixed memories affording outstanding views across the village and bay. It’s a fine focal point for a short, sharp walk from the village centre.

You may go inside and see that it’s in a pretty good state of preservation. You will, though, no longer find the citadel’s Marine Museum. That’s shut. Works are presently underway with a view to it re-opening in 2012 in a new guise.

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