Marina Grande

Address: Via Marina Grande, Sorrento, Italy

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Beach, boats and bathing opportunities at Sorrento's Marina Grande.

Sorrento isn't renowned for its beaches, which is why you'll see serried ranks of beach beds on every available jetty. Marina Grande is your closest bet - at the end of the Via Marina Grande - and it's smaller and prettier than its 'Piccola' counterpart where the ferries come in. There is also a couple of lovely little restaurants down there such as Bagni Delfino and Di Leva, and don't miss the lovely church of Sant'Anna. Marina Grande is also the place where the Sant'Anna festival takes place.

If it looks too busy or cramped, head along to the end of the beach, past the Bagni Delfino, to one of the private beaches, such as Tony's. Bagni Delfino has its own bathing platforms too. A little further out you'll find a fine strip of beach at Piano di Sorrento (to the east) or Punto del Capo (along Via del Capo to the west). Both can be reached with a short bus ride.

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The cost of hire for a sunbed, umbrella or beach hut will push the price of your day up considerably so you might want to do as the locals do and grab a suitable looking rock to bathe on… 

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