St Paul's Catacombs

Address: St Agatha's Street, Rabat, RBT 2013, Malta
Telephone: 21 454 562

- Mid-range


The best of Malta’s unique Roman catacombs.

With over 2000 square metres of underground Roman tombs cut into solid rock, this is a labyrinth to delightfully spook adventurous kids as well as fascinate interested adults. There are several different kinds of tombs, as well as round tables surrounded by benches - all cut from solid rock. Malta is the only place where these tables - for the funerary meal - are found underground. I must admit that, although the Romans undoubtedly used lots of sweet smelling oils on their dead, I wouldn’t have fancied eating down here!

Value for money

Price advice

Adults cost 5 euros, over-60s and children aged 12-17 are 3.50 euros, and children aged 6-11 are 2.50 euros. Children under-6 are free.

Expert tips

Make sure you don’t miss the two smaller catacombs next to the main one - there is some extraordinary carving here that looks as if it was done yesterday.

Check out the Aladdin-style lamps that were used to light the catacombs in the single glass case in reception.

The audioguide (included in the entry fee with a deposit) is good but a little slow moving. Even if you don't listen to it all, the numbers found around the catacombs are useful to follow to make sure you don't miss anything.

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