Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

Address: Burial Street, Paola, PLA 1116, Malta
Telephone: 21 805 018 / 21 805 019

- Expensive


This unique 5000-year-old underground burial complex is not to be missed.

This extraordinary place is thought to be where the people who built the Tarxien temples (and maybe other temples too) buried their dead. A labyrinth of chambers in three underground layers, it is all cut out of solid rock and yet the ‘rooms’ echo the architecture of the above-ground temples. A fragile UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors are now limited to 10 per hour and lights only come on as you pass (adding to the atmosphere). There is an excellent audio commentary - as well as a human being - guide you round. I have visited the Hypogeum several times and am awed on each occasion.

Value for money

Price advice

Admission for adults is 20 euros, children aged 12-17 and over-60s are 15 euros, and children aged 6-11 cost 12 euros. Children under 6 not admitted.

Expert tips

The Hypogeum is a few minutes walk from the Tarxien Temple Complex so it is easy (as well as historically logical) to visit them together.

Book well in advance. If you do find yourself in Malta without pre-booking, it is always worth a try to get a ticket as a few tickets are sold for the next day’s tours at 9am at the Museum of Fine Art in Valletta for 25 euros each.

Recommended for

  • Culture vultures
  • Families with teenagers
  • Education
  • History