Address: Dwejra, Nr San Lawarenz, Malta

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Natural rocky features are the main draw to coastal Dwejra.

Dwejra has become a bit of a mini-tourist centre because of its rock formations. The inland sea - actually a large cave whose roof long ago fell in - is the site for an enjoyable little boat ride through an 80 metres tunnel that rises like a gothic cathedral above you leading out onto the open sea. Here the boatmen show you a few more caves, some colourful corals and the view (cameras ready?) directly through the rock arch known as the Azure Window. This can also be seen from land, along with Fungus Rock where a rare plant (not, it turned out, a fungus) grows. So sought after was this plant for its medicinal properties that the Knights had the rock guarded night and day and threatened thieves with a spell in the galleys.

The rocky landscape continues below the surface of the water and Dwejra is considered to have some of the best dives in the Mediterranean - for experienced divers only. You can also swim and snorkel here in calm weather.

Value for money

Price advice

The boat trip costs 3.50 euros per person.

Expert tips

The tower that overlooks Dwejra is one of those built by the Knights as part of their coastal defences. A flag flies when it is open (usually Mon-Fri 9am-3pm and Sun noon-3pm). There are great views from its roof.

For the boat trip it is best to get here early, especially in summer, to avoid the coach tours.

People used to walk across the top of the Azure Window. It is no longer structurally secure so this is now a very bad idea!

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