Ramla Beach

Address: Ramla Bay, nr. Nadur & Xaghra, Malta

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This is Gozo's most popular beach - with reason. Perfect for families.

This is my family’s favourite beach in Malta for a lazy day or a quick swim. A large stretch of red sand in a beautiful bay, Ramla is Gozo’s largest beach with plenty of space on the sand (and, OK, in summer, plenty of people too) and a gentle slope into deeper water. There are no modern buildings here except a couple of portacabins hidden away at one end housing the beach cafes (open May-October), which serve pizzas and pasta as well as drinks and ice creams.

High above the bay at one end is Calypso’s Cave where Odysseus (Ulysses) is said to have been held spellbound by the sea nymph for seven years on his way back from the Trojan War. Certainly, it is a fun little cave with fabulous views over the bay.

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Expert tips

If you are driving to Ramla try to arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon if you want to park close to the beach. There is one road that ends at the beach and parking is along its side. The earlier you arrive, the closer you get. In the afternoon, it is worth driving right along the road to spot gaps where other beach-goers have already gone home.

Take a look at the flagpoles by the taxi stand near the cafes. If a red flag is flying there are rip currents off the beach (usually only during or after bad weather), a purple flag means ‘pests’ – usually jellyfish.

At the opposite end of the bay from Calypso’s Cave is a lesser known sight – a fougasse – a makeshift cannon dating back to the time of the Knights. It is a vast lump of rock with a cone-shaped hole drilled into it. This could be filled with gunpowder and fired to deter invaders.

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  • Backpackers / Students
  • Families with teenagers
  • Families with younger children
  • First-time travellers
  • Seasoned travellers
  • Great views / scenery
  • Relaxation
  • Sightseeing
  • Chilling out