Segway Mobilboard

Address: 3 Rue Meyerbeer, Nice, 06000, France
Telephone: 04 93 80 21 27

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Watch out, I can't stop! Putting the zip into sight-seeing.

Now, here's a way to enliven a trip round the tourist sites - not to mention bringing a bit of much-needed terror to the experience.

As you probably know, Segways are those strange machines which look like over-grown pogo sticks. Except that, instead of a mechanical bounce, they have wheels and an electric engine. On top of the engine is a platform. You hop on, grab the stick, lean forward - and the thing scoots off at what seems, to a beginner, a startling rate of knots.


First time I hopped on, I was scattering pedestrians left and right - certain that, if I survived, I would certainly be sued for all I possessed by some Segway-damaged pensioner. Oddly though, it takes even a middle-aged techno-dunderhead like me a surprisingly short time to get the hang of the machine. Essentially, you lean body and stick forward to go forward, ease both back to slow or stop. It's all to do with centres of gravity and that sort of thing.

And (this is the point) it's a blast - quite the most invigorating form of sight-seeing that I know. Granted, some of the historic nuances get lost as you zip along pavements and pedestrian streets. You'll be more devoted to avoiding collisions than to noting the details of, say, a Baroque façade. (Segwaying through the wriggling streets of Nice's Old Town is a particularly invigorating challenge.)


But  there are frequent stops to admire key items, pointed out by the group guide. Plus, you can always return later on foot to see elements you missed.

All trips start, incidentally, with a 15-minute initiation session on the Promenade des Anglais - so you're not unleashed on Nice without any training at all.

Trips vary from half-an-hour (essentially, just along the Promenade des Anglais) to an hour or two hours. If you've never done it before, I'd still go for the hour-long trip - it gets you round much of what is essential of Nice city centre. The two-hour trip also takes in Castle Hill.




Value for money

Price advice

The 30-minute session costs 15 euros. It's 25 euros for an hour and 45 for two hours. Trips only operate if there are two paying customers or more.

Expert tips

Don't be timid. I managed it. So did my wife - and, if we can do it, so can anyone.

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