The UN Headquarters

Address: 405 East 42nd Street, Midtown, New York City, 10017, United States
Telephone: 212 963-8687

- Expensive


Unmissable if you are interested in foreign affairs.

This iconic curtain of blue glass, developed by an international team of architects including Niemeyer and Corbusier, has towered over the East River on a plot of land donated by John D. Rockefeller since 1950. Ever since it has stood as a symbol of peace and international cooperation as the meeting place of the oft contentious UN General Assembly. The guided tours are fascinating and since the UN Headquarters is legally not a part of the US, it’s also the easiest and cheapest international trip you’ll ever make.

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Tickets are US$16 for adults and US$9 for children between 5-12. Children under five are not permitted on the tours.

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