San Blas Beach

Address: San Blas, Nadur, Malta

- Free


This stunning, secluded red sandy bay is a place to escape the crowds.

San Blas is a beautiful beach of red sand surrounded by cliffs and greenery - and it is never crowded. Too good to be true? No, but there is a reason. It is not served by any public transport and is reached by a very steep (and I do mean very steep) lane that you have to walk down - and up again! This is enough to put most people off which makes San Blas a great beach for anyone willing to make the effort.


Value for money

Expert tips

If there is anyone around near the top of the lane or you meet anyone on their way up, check with them that there is no reason not to swim. The only time I have regretted making the descent to San Blas was one hot July day when we got to the beach to find the jellies were visiting and had to climb all the way up again without a swim.

The lane is really steep and there is nothing to hold on to most of the time, so this place is not recommended for anyone with mobility problems of any kind, and I would not walk down here when it was wet.

There can be rip tides here after bad or windy weather. Mostly they are not right into the beach so affect those swimming out rather than those paddling. If in doubt, ask locals, and keep weaker swimmers and children in their depth.

Recommended for

  • Backpackers / Students
  • Families with teenagers
  • First-time travellers
  • Seasoned travellers
  • Sporty types
  • Great views / scenery
  • Relaxation
  • Romance
  • Chilling out
  • Nature / wildlife