Monkey Park

Address: Llano Azul, Los Cristianos, 38640, Spain
Telephone: 922 79 07 20

- Mid-range


Get up close and personal with the primates at this family favourite.

If you don't like seeing caged animals, give this attraction a wide berth. The best bit, and what makes it such a popular family attraction, is the open contact area near the entrance in which you can feed and handle lemurs and small primates.

Food for the monkeys is available to buy at the reception area but much more popular with the residents are fresh grapes and bananas which the park are okay with guests bringing in.

Value for money

Price advice

Adult tickets cost 10 euros and children (5-12 years) tickets cost 5 euros.

Expert tips

Arrive as early as you can; the monkeys in the contact area have had their fill by midday and take to the treetops to sleep.

Don't wear your favourite t-shirt, potty training is still a work in progress.

Recommended for

  • Families with teenagers
  • Families with younger children
  • First-time travellers
  • Nature / wildlife